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Woman Spraying Countertop with Cleanser and Towel
Grain Alcohol Sanitizing Spray
This year, I am making an intentional shift to feed my mind, body and soul. This includes making sure my surroundings support my goal. One way I am caring for my home is to select cleaning products for...
Za'atar Popcorn2
Healthy Vegan Za'atar Popcorn
With the start of the new year, small, intentional self-care choices are good for the mind, body, and soul.  Incremental changes are not overwhelming and easily shape into new habits.  One choice I’m...
Valentine's Day Fragrance Simmer
Moving into a new year always feels like a fresh start.  We’re still enjoying the coziness of a crackling fire in the fireplace. But I also appreciate the lightness brought back into my space...
New Year
Feed Your Mind, Body, and Soul
In the month of January, a number of social media posts target our soft spots.  For example:  Are you overweight? — “This diet is a must to decrease body mass.”  Do you...