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Clear Decorative Floral Ice Cube
Decorative Clear Floral Ice Cubes
Decorative, floral ice cubes add a unique and elevated whimsy when entertaining; a signature touch your guests will delight in and remember.  They are a detail that will personalize and add understated...
Growing Wild Zaatar
Wild Za'atar
Are you interested in growing wild za’atar?  Za’atar (origanum syriacum) is an herb in the Lamiaceae (mint) family that is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine.   Wild Za’atar...
Room Spray Formulation
DIY Room Spray Formulation
I am always seeking the best clean fragrance options for my home:  natural, nontoxic, clean scent choices.  This goes for cleaning products as well as candles and room fragrances.  Knowing...
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Greek Yogurt Frosting
Heart Healthy Chocolate Frosting
With focus on self-care in the new year, I have become more intentional about the food I put in my body. Additionally, I’m done with the word “diet.” I’m choosing not to focus on “shouldn’t” and...