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Food, Family, Friends,
Flora & Fauna

Woman holding garden greens

Late Blooming

The recent global health pandemic abrubtly placed us into pared-back lifestyles; clearly bringing into focus what we value most.

For me, it is what I commonly refer to as the Five F’s:  Family, Food, Friends, Flora and Fauna.

Yes, these genres are so old, they seem new again; yet they are foundational to me as I re-discover and re-establish them as priorities.

Bloom with me

FOOD  Do you like to cook?  Prefer restaurant fare?  Enjoy ethnic cuisine?  We all have a relationship with food.  It is how we nourish ourselves.  We gather around it with family and friends.  We mark special occasions with it.  We are what we eat.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS  Do you have a large social circle or do share your secrets with a select few?  How do you spend time with others?  Movies? Traveling? Book Club? Crafting? Hiking? Gardening? Cooking?  We grow in each other’s company.

FLORA AND FAUNA  What’s outside your window?  Inside your home?  Fresh cut flowers in a vase? Do you care for a dog?  A cat?  Support a wildlife organization?  Bird watch?  Grow carrots?  Wear a wool sweater?  We contribute to nature’s well being and it returns the favor.

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