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fresh baked bread in cast iron skillet with dish towel
Non-Stick Cast Iron
By following a simple seasoning process, I now have a set of virtually non-stick cast iron cookware in my kitchen!  If you’re like me, you intentionally avoid preparing meals and baked goods in cookware...
Hand written phrase and so the adventure begins
What are Your Goals this New Year?
I recently read a quote on Instagram encouraging us to acknowledge last year’s successes, (however minor), before shouldering the burden of New Year’s resolutions.  In honesty, I do find that...
Star Anise Wreath with Wooden Fir Trees and Vintage Clock
Simple Star Anise Wreath
More and more, I discover that the beauty of life unfolds through the lens of the 5 F’s: Food, Family, Friends, Flora, and Fauna. As we approach the first day of winter, I invite you to join me in...
Christmas Tree Appetizer Platter
Christmas Appetizer Tree
If you’re searching for a touch of magic to elevate your upcoming holiday gathering, look no further than the enchanting Christmas Appetizer Tree. Say goodbye to the predictable cheese and cracker...