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Fall Pumpkin Spice Simmer
Pumpkin Spice Project
Fall is here:  I’m excited to share this clean living Pumpkin Spice Project with you! It welcomes in the season by: Providing cozy sweater-weather aromatherapy for your home. Satisfying that seasonal...
Marie's Butterball Cookies
Marie's Butterball Cookies
Recipes passed down through generations become an important part of our family story. They enhance and sometimes create our definition of a what a holiday, birthday or special occasion should be. Moreover,...
The Beauty of Backyard Bouquets
The Beauty of Backyard Bouquets
The beauty of backyard bouquets is often overlooked. I love fresh flowers in the house. Do you?  A bouquet or even a single stem immediately elevates a space.  I think it is because floral...
Apple Crisp and wooden bowl of apples
Irma's Apple Crisp
Irma’s Apple Crisp is from my grandmother’s recipe box.  Super simple ingredients and easy-to-follow directions.  You will not be disappointed!  The warm fruit base is covered with a crispy crumble...