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Spring Fragrance Simmer
Spring Fragrance Simmer
Fragrance can evoke powerful memories and intense emotion.  This Spring Fragrance Simmer is not an exception. Think oven-baked cinnamon buns, fresh cut grass……or wet dog (sorry!)  Much like an audio track,...
A Gold Star for Goldenrod
A Gold Star for Goldenrod
When signs of autumn roll around and seasonal allergies begin to flare, goldenrod gets a bad rap!  Before casting blame for itchy eyes and runny noses, just know there is a seasonal gold star for goldenrod.  I,...
Garden Rhubarb on cutting board
Rhubarb in the Garden
Rhubarb is one of the friendship plants in my garden. It was given to me by a neighbor who has an interest in natural landscaping and all things outdoors. She hacked her mother plant in half when it started...
Milkweed seed - Pollinator plant.
Milkweed for Pollinators
Butterfly and pollinator gardens intrigue me. My interest was sparked by by our local Land Trust.  My husband volunteers for them and provides oversight/maintenance for some truly remarkable open spaces...
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