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Closeup milkweed seed and feathering
Milkweed Magic: Harvesting and Starting Seeds for Pollinator Gardens
Step into the world of milkweed, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  The simple act of planting native flowers can slowly transform your backyard into a haven for local wildlife. Often dismissed...
Plums sliced on wooden cutting board
Seasonal Delight: Plum Tart Recipe for Family and Friends
Seasonal Plum Tart Recipe for Family and Friends:  Have you ever wanted to impress your loved ones with a dessert that appears and tastes like it was crafted by a master baker, but you’re short on...
Minimal enamel dipped pumpkins in a carved wooden bowl.
Subtle Autumn Color: Enamel-Dipped Pumpkins
Welcome to my blog post on “Subtle Autumn Color:  Enamel-Dipped Pumpkins.” If you’re looking for creative ways to add a touch of elegance to your fall home decor, you’ve come to...
Painted Birch Branch Beauty
Winter Wonderland DIY: Painted Birch Branch
Embrace the enchanting beauty of the winter season with this simple, yet elegant painted birch branch. In this DIY, we’ll be crafting with mostly natural materials, transforming a plain, bare branch...