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Spoon Drizzling Honey-Basil Syrup over Shaved Watermelon Ice
Shaved Watermelon Ice With Honey-Basil Syrup
This shaved watermelon ice with honey-basil syrup recipe will quickly become a summer staple.  It’s a satisfying sweet summer treat that is healthy and refreshing.  Delight summer guests...
Bee Balm Closeup
3 Reasons to Grow Bee Balm
Why add bee balm to your garden plan?  Aside from its lovely architecture, I can provide three solid reasons why this summer bloom will benefit your landscape.   It is a pollinator powerhouse. It...
Woman Holding Native Roadside Flowers
Native / Naturalized Roadside Flowers
The next time you take a walk or drive, I encourage you to note the native / naturalized roadside flowers edging the route you choose.  We tend to overlook them in favor of cultivated garden beds,...
Wild White Common Yarrow
Benefits of Growing Common Yarrow
What is common yarrow and why is it a beneficial addition to flower or vegetable beds?   Yarrow is a low-maintenance superstar that possesses a variety of favorable attributes in the garden. ...