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woman smiling with potted plant on her shoulder
Cultivating Joy: Gardening's Impact on Serotonin Levels
When we are happy or feeling a general sense of well-being, we’re experiencing the benefits of serotonin.  You may be interested to learn that there is scientific evidence supporting gardening’s...
gloved gardener's hand planting purple echinacea
Echinacea - Cold Stratification
At first glance, the term cold stratification may present as complicated; but it truly is a simple process if you are interested in starting Echinacea (cone flower) from seed.  Echinacea purpurea is commonly...
popcorn and cannellini beans in Weck jars
Functional Pantry Organization
Paring back has long been on my agenda; and this week pantry organization tops my list!  We all know it’s time to tackle a cabinet overhaul when we unearth a few expired items from its back corners. ...
Germinated tomato seeds in Solo Cups
Solo Cup Tomato Seedlings Part Two: Germination
Welcome back – today’s conversation is Part Two of starting tomato seedlings indoors using a double Solo Cup method.  I’ve linked Part One right here so you won’t miss a thing. ...