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Homemade Granola with Summer Berries
Homemade Granola with Summer Berries
This homemade granola recipe is a healthy, delicious breakfast choice when topped with sun-ripened summer berries.  It can also be made with dried fruits and semi-sweet chocolate for a grab-and-go trail...
Chocolate Rhubarb Muffin with Lemon Zest
Chocolate Rhubarb Muffins With Lemon Zest Glaze
These chocolate rhubarb muffins with lemon zest glaze are a go-to recipe this time of year.  Rhubarb is one of the first harvests our raised-bed garden offers early in the growing season.  It’s jewel-toned...
DIY Seed Starting Template for Small Spaces
Seed Starting Template For Small Spaces
This DIY seed starting template is a precise and easy way to evenly distribute vegetable and flower seeds in small beds or container gardens.  When working with limited space or attempting to maximize...
Rhubarb Berry Crisp with Ice Cream
Rhubarb Berry Crisp
This rustic rhubarb berry crisp is delicious and so easy to put together.  It works with just about any fruit you would typically select for a pie filling (see the post on my apple version).  This is a...