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Spice Simmer2
Holiday Fragrance Simmer
This Cranberry-Orange Spice Holiday Fragrance Simmer packet was gifted to me by a friend (thank you, Anita!) and now I am gifting it to you.  It is the perfect little present for the hostess of your...
Cali Dog Treats3
Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Dog Treats
Looking to elicit a wag or a snuggle? These homemade peanut butter-pumpkin dog treats are sure to please your pup! They are preservative-free and made with 4 simple, clean ingredients. When baking for...
Low Carb Horse Treats Stored in Jars2
Low sugar/Starch Horse Treats
Many of us have a special someone in our lives who walks on four legs instead of two. In my case, it is a Belgian/Quarter Horse-Cross named Hercules. This time of year, I like to gift him with something...
Pizza Stone Dried Orange Slices2
Stone-Dried Orange Slices
Rustic dried orange slices made on a pizza stone are a natural and organic addition to holiday decor. They can be incorporated into culinary, home decorating and wildlife projects. This is an activity...