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Simple Backyard and Patio Fountain DIY

backyard birdbath fountain
If you enjoy adding whimsy and character to hidden niches in your garden landscape, this DIY fountain project is for you!  A ground-level set-up serves as a traditional birdbath as well as a mini oasis for small woodland creatures to drink from when the weather is hot.  I’m able to view my fountain from a kitchen window and have watched goldfinches wait patiently to take turns bathing and chipmunks dart in and out to quench their thirst.  If located near a deck or patio, it also provides the pleasant sound of bubbling water while guests are sunning and dining outside.

Finding Your Materials

Creating your own fountain birdbath is delightfully simple and budget-friendly. Gathering materials for this backyard project is as easy as a trip to your local garden or hardware store.  All you need is a birdbath top or basin, a small fountain to keep the water moving and clean, and a few carefully chosen rocks. These rocks serve a dual purpose: they provide resting spots for small insects, butterflies, and birds, and they can discreetly conceal the cord if you opt for an electric fountain instead of a solar-powered one. The key is to select a fountain that gently bubbles and circulates the water without spraying or startling the wildlife we aim to welcome.

diy fountain

Putting it together – Step one

With everything in hand, let’s put your fountain birdbath together! Begin by preparing the ground; if it’s uneven, spread a layer of gravel to create a level surface. Nestling your basin into this gravel base allows for easy adjustments to keep the water perfectly level. Position the fountain inside the birdbath basin and fill the basin with fresh water. Should your fountain need to be plugged in, do so after filling the basin, and adjust the water level as needed to maintain a soothing flow.

placing fountain in birdbath

Placing Rocks and Greenery

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches with rocks and greenery. Even if you’re using a solar fountain and don’t have any cords to hide, it’s still beneficial to place a few rocks that rise above the water’s surface. These rocks provide essential perches for insects, butterflies, and small birds, helping them navigate your mini oasis with ease. If you do have cords, strategically placed rocks and lush foliage can conceal any unsightly elements. I nestled my fountain beside a wild fern and complemented it with a potted aloe plant and a grapevine seedling on a trellis, creating a cozy and private space for wildlife to enjoy.

placing rocks over fountain cord
plugging in diy fountain
birdbath fountain cord hidden by rocks and greenery

Cleaning the Fountain

Maintaining your birdbath fountain is as simple and cost-effective as building it. The bubbling action of the fountain helps keep insects at bay, as they prefer not to lay eggs in moving water, ensuring the water stays fresher for longer. According to the Audubon Society, a great way to keep your birdbath fresh is by rinsing and scrubbing it with a solution of nine parts water to one part vinegar. Avoid using synthetic soaps and cleansers, as they can strip the essential oils from bird feathers. For more information on the importance of clean birdbaths, check out the linked Audubon article. Below, you’ll find pictures of the scrub brush I use to clean the basin, rocks, and fountain.

scrub brush in birdbath fountain
scrubbing diy fountain pieces
scrubbing rocks for diy birdbath fountain


In summary, creating your own birdbath fountain is both simple and affordable, making it a perfect project for any garden enthusiast. This delightful addition not only attracts a variety of backyard wildlife but also provides the soothing sounds of bubbling water, enhancing your outdoor experience. Best of all, the maintenance is straightforward and manageable, ensuring that your fountain remains a beautiful and functional feature in your garden. Embrace this easy DIY project and enjoy the myriad benefits it brings to your outdoor space.

simple diy patio fountain surrounded by greenery

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